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Singapore GP: F1’s epic night race returns with title up for grabs

One of Formula 1's most spectacular races makes its much-anticipated return this weekend with big title ramifications, as Max Verstappen looks to wrap up the 2022 drivers' crown at the Singapore Grand Prix.
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Classy chasers clash at Newton Abbot

A trio of meetings on a jam-packed Monday of action, with two top chasers in Hang In There and Hell Red going head-to-head at Newton Abbot, live on Sky Sports Racing.
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How Verstappen can win the title at the Singapore GP

Max Verstappen will have his first chance to clinch a second Formula 1 world championship at the Singapore GP, with a scintillating run of form putting the Dutchman in contention for the earliest title finish in 20 years.
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Team USA hold off battling Internationals to retain Presidents Cup

Team USA came through a tougher-than-anticipated test against an inexperienced International Team to claim a 17.5-12.5 victory and ninth consecutive Presidents Cup victory.
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